Hi and welcome to the Janimist Beagles & GBGV website. We are a small kennel based in The New Forest in Hampshire and pride ourselves on breeding hounds of sound construction, health, type and temparement.


Janimist is run by Jane & Nikki Denny with the help and assistance of Jane's husband Mike. We have been involved in the Beagle breed for some thirty years now and are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and members of The Beagle Club and support and endorse its Breeders Code of Conduct.


In 2011 we also became involved in the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen breed, the most charming of French hunting hounds. We are members of the BGV Club and support and endorse its Code of Ethics.


Puppies sometimes available to "approved owners".



Go go Gertrude puppy!
Young Stevie at 8 months, showing so well

Just in case anyone was wondering why all the Janimist bred dogs Kennel Club registered names are called after trees its because "Trees" is the name of the house we live in and we thought it would be a great theme.